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About Us

Putting AI to work for your business

Founded in 2023 by Andy Mundell (On.Works | Names.co.nz) and Jef Kay (EasySocialMedia.co.nz | NewsletterReady.co.nz), Cleva.Bot has been established to meet the paradigm of AI's emergence in business.  Combining their talent pools and experience in Web Development, SaaS, Sales & Marketing, Accounting and Business, Cleva.Bot is geared for rapid growth. (Learn more..)

Two things set Cleva.Bot apart from other chatbot solutions in the marketplace. Ability and Delivery.

Before now, engaging with a chatbot when visiting a website has been an underwhelming, hit & miss experience. In March 2023 this changed completely when OpenAI released API access to ChatGpt, allowing 3rd party applications to leverage their Large Language Model. This provides a level of capability that's orders of magnitude beyond everything that's come before.

Of course, like any technology, getting the most from it comes from knowing how best to deploy it. Cleva.Bot's full service model means we take care of the set up and bot training so you don't have to.


Shift happens!

  • The AI paradigm will likely eclipse the emergence of the internet itself.

  • Many businesses in the late 90's believed they didn't need an online presence. Failing to embrace the shift saw industries leaders replaced by those keeping pace with change.

  • The big question now is "which side of history will you be on when the story of AI's emergence is written?"

  • Shift happens! It waits for no one. Get Cleva.


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