Cleva.Bot integrates with your website/business and brand to provide answers on demand in the manner you choose.

Trained on your data

We index your website, blog posts, product database; and YouTube videos; and upload your PDFs, Word Docs, Spreadsheets, and more.

GPT 3.5, GPT 4 or GPT 4 Turbo

We'll help you decide the best GPT language model to use to meet the desired capabilities for your Cleva.Bot.

Brand Compatible

We'll custom design your chat icons and specify interface colours for your Cleva.Bot to be consistent with your website and brand.

Custom Persona

Formal & official; Friendly & professional; Colloquial & casual; Humerous & cheeky.. You decide how your Cleva.Bot will behave and interact with users.

Embedded on your website

We'll provide an embed code to place anywhere on your site that you want your Cleva.Bot to appear.

Data privacy

All data is strictly private and is secured with military grade encryption for total peace of mind.

Automated lead collection

Capture leads from chat interactions for further follow up or mailing lists.

Chat history and reporting

Review all chat interactions between your bot and your users, and monitor your bot usage.


Data can be imported in any language. Users can interact in any language or translate between languages.

Secure Access

Limit who can use your bot by placing it in a private-access secure zone requiring user login access.

AI is taking off.
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